Saturday, March 19, 2011

February Stats

Hello ladies! I hope that you are having a great beginning to spring. The weather in East TN has been gorgeous the last several days! It has given me a bit of spring fever! February was a great month! Our downline sales was $358,846 and we currently have 829 consultants! YEAH! I think with this catalog that the sales will continue to grow and grow! Everyone is LOVING the new products and prints!

**Don't forget to attend your local Celebrate and Connect meeting. My meeting is Thursday, March 31.
**PLEASE check the consultant website EVERYDAY! There are so many important announcements that you need to know and be aware of! A few of the latest announcements were about The New Dream Rewards program, monthly specials videos, and a video from Cindy about the recruiting freeze and when it will likely be lifted.

TOP 31 Sellers for February
Scarlett Enos $7,498
Amanda Throckmorton $7,160
Kristin Pontius $4,685
Jennifer Cook $4,617
Becky Catlin $4,467
Deborah Moore $4,465
Kristin Smith $4,394
Sybil Manahan $4,151
Colleen Brackins $4,035
Cara Boone $3,952
Nichole Mullins $3,631
Joanna Myers $3,526
Melinda Sutton $3,304
Lindsie Gribble $3,230
Cherilyn Haehn $3,142
Christine Collins $3,075
CathyHicks $3,068
Elizabeth Stack $3,011
Jennifer Brewer $2,957
Stancy wright $2,817
Sarah Overman $2,553
Kristin Sweat $2,548
Telitha Horton $2,486
Alicia Leonard $2,467
Michael Phillips $2,429
Parveen Walker $2,393
Terri Bendert $2,334
Staci Riehl $2,317
Darla Shephard $2,260
Sherry Crowell $2,260
Danielle Fraiser $2,186

Please let me know of if I can EVER help you!! I want to help you GROW your business and reach your goals! Have a great March!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

January Stats

Hello and Happy New Catalog to you! I hope that everyone is doing well and LOVING the GREAT new spring and summer products. I think that this is one of the BEST catalogs that we have had and I wish you all happy selling! January's lunch tote special was a HUGE hit! This downline sold $205,741 and we are now up to 885 consultants!! AWESOME! As you know, we are on a recruiting freeze. This will hopefully be just a short time, but in the meantime continue to share your LOVE for Thirty-One. If you have ladies interested in signing up, answer their questions and remain in touch until the freeze is over and then recruit like crazy!! Remember that I am here to help you in any way that I can. Call or email me anytime!

*New consultant phone number (614) 414-4438
*Sign up for the National Convention before February 28th and you will get a great new rolling tote in time for the convention! Again the convention is July 13-16.
* March 1st we can begin selling the new kids line! So exciting!
*Check out the March Consultant Incentive High 5 and Super 7 on the website....a great way to get a BIG commission check and earn some extra business supplies at the same time!
*A great tool that the company provides us with is monthly training videos. Watch those before your shows to get some great tips and ideas on how to promote the monthly specials.

Top January in Sells
Scarlett Enos $3,501 AWESOME!
Regina Bradley $3,353
Kristin Sweat $2,829
Rachel Mohrmann $2,777
Kira Northup $2,586
Jessica Clixby $2,443
Lisa Newman $2,364
Melody Kellett $2,343
Lecia Brown $2,291
Kaylee McCollum $2,234
Cara Boone $2,227
Carrie Foust $2,224
Whitney Titson $2,139
Selinda Massingill $2,064
Regina Diehl $1,970
Mica Luna $1,935
Heather Mekelburg $1,911
Lisa Padgett $1,859
Rynae Reifenrath $1,858
Cara Ledbetter $1,794
Kimberly Graybeal $1,777
Pamela Lewis $1,752
Laura Burgett $1,746
Misty Howard $1,745
Gale Caylor $1,714

Top in Recruits (2 or more)
Sarah Overman, Sybil Manahan, Regina Radley, Charity Adams = 4 recruits!!! SUPER!
Jennifer Cook and Angelia Jones = 3 recruits
Misty Howard, Karen Duggan, Bridgett Ingino, Krista Turner, Jennifer Newman, Christine Collins, Ashley Miskel, Stacy Peak, Sherri Payne, Deidre Mitchell, Nichole Mullins, Heather Mekelburg, Jennifer Purdom, Kirstin Smith, Melissa Cording, Jaye Algeri, Beth Hutchinson, and Renee Bailey = 2 recruits

I am so excited to see the sells for February. I know that your customers are going to enjoy this new catalog!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spring Reveal

Remember tonight is the BIG spring product reveal. Go to between the hours of 9pm-11pm to see the new products! I am excited to see all the new fabrics and products!

Friday, January 7, 2011

November and December stats

Hello team! Sorry it has been awhile since I have updated. I was CRAZY until that December cutoff and then after that I took a couple of weeks "off." Now I am BACK, getting refocused, and excited about the NEW CATALOG!!! November and December were great months! In November our team sold $409,619 and in December we sold $191,226 (that early Christmas cut-off hurts us every year!) These numbers are AWESOME and I know that 2011 is going to be even BIGGER!! As of today we have 717 consultants on this downline!! AMAZING!!!
A few reminders:
*Registration is now open for the 2011 National Conference....I just registered myself today! I know that it will be a WONDERFUL learning experience and a great time to meet and get to know many of you! (If you register by February 28th, you will get a special prize.)
*Sunday, January 9th 9-11pm there will be a sneak peak of the new spring products to the consultant website to see it...I can't wait!
*Be sure to check out the website to print out the retired product list. This would be a great item to take to ALL your January shows so you will know what items are already sold out and what items are still available.
*December had its fair share of shipping issues, but hopefully everything will be straightened out in this month. The call center is better equipped to handle more calls this month. Please just be patient with these growing pains.

Top November sellers....
Melody Kellett $7,194
Christine Collins $6,971
Gale Caylor $6,594
Trenda Kinser $5,605
Selinda Massengill $5,526
Cara Boone $5,271
Carla Lindsey $5,177
Kathy Hughes $5,001
Misty Howard $4,413
Jennifer Cook $4,289
Jennifer Brewer $4,282
Stephanie Diener $4,209
Page McAnear $4,087
Becky Catlin $3,719
Amanda Throckmorton $3,670
Telitha Horton $3,644
Melinda Sutton $3,604
Melissa Hansen $3,524
Emily Harki $3,493
Teresa Calloway $3,473
Jodi Roberts $3,404
Debbie Hood $3,404
Angie Ray $3,361
Jody Haines $3,330
Jessica Clixby $3,258
Whitney Deakins $3,196
Kristy Bird $3,101
Julie Tyler $3,086
Kristin Sweat $3,025
Christy Wilson $2,946
Robin Sartor $2,917

Top November recruiters...2 or more
Jennier Brewer 3
Jennifer Cook 3
Sybil Manahan 3
Sara Preston 2
Elizabeth Van Pelt 2
Sheana Barker 2
Jessica Lifford 2
Rachel Humphries 2
Jennifer Willis 2
Amanda Adams 2
Janice Hopper 2
Regina Bradley 2
Jessica Clixby 2

Top December Sells...
Jennifer Cook $4,335
Angie Ray $3,473
Lisa Padgett $3,015
Teresa Calloway $3,015
Rhonda Walton $2,942
Angie Robinson $2,877
Regina Bradley $2,844
Trenda Kinser $2,649
Sarah Overman $2,596
Melissa Hansen $2,563
Cara Boone $2,414
Kristin Sweat $2,407
Colleen Brackins $2,383
Jessica Clixby $2,356
Selinda Massengill $2,310
Kimberly Carter $2,231
Sybil Manahan $2,135
Rachel Skidmore $2,122
Elizabeth Van Pelt $2,100
Christy Wilson $2,095
Jennifer Fossell 1,989
Amanda Dickens $1,966
Amanda Throckmorton 1,960
Andrea Clapp $1,945
Dana Swekosky $1,896
Kristy Bird $1,863
Christine Collins $1,799
Kimberly Entrekin $1,796
Jaye Algeri $1,778
Kaitlyn Dodge $1,768
Melissa Cording $1,727

Top December Recruiters... (All have 2 recruits)
Margo Gruber
Tiffany Miller
Angie Ray

Remember to call or email me ( if you have any questions or need anything! Hope this is the best year ever for you and your family!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Outstanding October

We broke some amazing records in October!!! This downline sold $476,557 and signed up 90 new recruits!!!!!!! 45 consultants had more than $3000 in sales and I am just amazed more and more each month at how God is blessing us through this awesome company. Not only are we being blessed financially, but I know that we are being blessed by all the great people we are meeting and hopefully we are showing them a shining Christian example and a true "virtuous" woman.

A super congratulations to Sarah Overman and Cara Boone who both EARNED the big TV this month! Sarah had $9,565 in sales and Cara had $9,102! I am so proud of you BOTH!!! AMAZING job, I know you both worked hard and had to sacrifice a lot to accomplish this!!!

FYI**Christmas cutoff is Monday, December 13th.
**Be sure to check the Thirtyone Today website for the Nov. special tax and shipping calculations
**Monthly flyers are now available for Dec. and Jan.
** Begin booking those January shows now! The thermal tote sale is always HUGE and a great way to advertise a show!

October Stats....our top 31 in sales
Sarah Overman 9,565
Cara Boone 9,102
Jennifer Cook 8,941
Sybil Manahan 8,597
Scarlett Enos 7,648
Becky Catlin 7,361
Christine Collins 6,697
Telitha Horton 6,147
Sally Castillo 5,467
Jennifer Brewer 5,263
Jacqui Hobbs 5,228
Melinda Sutton 5,127
Kathy Hughes 4,772
Cheryl Holloway 4,651
Carla Lindsay 4,396
Regina Bradley 4,282
Jessica Clixby 4,167
Parveen Walker 4,151
Kristin Smith 4,098
Landis Olaker 4,069
Amanda Adams 4,058
Vanessa Odom 3,982
Charity Clark 3,810
Lecia Brown 3,793
Amy Graves 3,747
Page McAnear 3,711
Melody Kellett 3,705
Jennifer Jones 3,671
Teresa Calloway 3,668
Sherri Payne 3,627
Jessica Lifford 3,598

Top Dreambuilders...those having 2 or more recruits
4 recruits.....Lindsie Gribble and Stacy Peak
3 recruits.....Misty Howard, Selinda Massingill, Amanda Adams, and Regina Bradley
2 recruits.....Kristy Bird, Sarah Overman, Tricia Dewar, Megan Halbrook, Page McAnear, and Colleen Brackins

Friday, October 8, 2010

A Super September!

I continue to be amazed at the growth of our team! As of today we have 564consultants on this downline!!!! WaHOOOO!! September was another great month.....our sales total was $218,042! AWESOME! I have a feeling that this month (October) is going to be the BIGGEST ever! The customer special is the best of the year (in my opinion) and the consultant incentives are unbelievable! In case you do not know the company is giving away tons of amazing prizes this month! Each week that you enter a $450 show your name will be put in a drawing...this weeks (Oct. 9-15) is for a Bose Sound Dock, (Oct. 16-22) hand held camcorder (I REALLY WANT ONE OF THESE!) and for Oct. 23-31 they are giving away LG Digital Blu-Ray Disc Players.....did I mention they are giving away 300 of these each week??!! And if you submit a $450 show each week,you will be put in a drawing for a FREE plasma TV! I am going to try and check the list carefully when they post the winners each week, but also email me if you win! I hope all of you submit your HIGH dollar shows and win, win, win!

A few other reminders.....
**Be sure to order your gift guides so that you will have plenty to show at your parties.
** They have made a great Lil Expressions order form that you can download on the website that will be a lot simpler when customers order the notecards or the new bag. I downloaded one and I am going to go make some color copies so that I have plenty on hand for my shows.
** The November specials are great too! Customer....spend $31 and get a zipper pouch FREE! Hostess..... host a $450 show and get a skirt purse for $10.
** Remember the cutoff for ordering and being guaranteed that it is back for Christmas is December 13th! Since December is a "short" ordering month you want to make those first two weeks of December really count. A couple of ideas is host your own Christmas Open House, send out Christmas postcards announcing December specials and detailing some specials of your own, email some of your friends' husbands and let them know about some items that you think some of your friends might like for Christmas and set your mind to doing at least 2 shows during those 2 weeks!

Be sure to check daily....maybe even twice a day for updates on products, business news, and new ideas on how to improve your business and be the BEST Thirty-One consultant you can be!

Top 31 September Sellers!!
Sarah Overman ..... $5,408 OUTSTANDING!!!!
Cara Boone..........$4,176 Way to go, Cara!!
Kristy Bird.........$4,038
Sheana Barker.......$3,325
Christina Poe.......$3,114
Jessica Clixby......$3,098
Christine Collins...$2,978
Heather Wright......$2,865
Lindsie Gribble.....$2,659
Kristi Brabec.......$2,453
Melody Kellett......$2,350
Sally Castillo......$2,270
Melinda Sutton......$2,205
Colleen Brackins....$2,195
Jennifer Cook.......$2,149
Brittany Schwenzer..$2,132
Regina Diehl........$2,129
Amy Humble..........$2,129
Trenda Kinser.......$2,110
Jody Haines.........$2,057
Edwina Thomas.......$2,030
Andrea McCarter.....$2,028
Kathy Hughes........$1,995
Gale Caylor.........$1,982
April Bice..........$1,969
Rachel Mohrmann.....$1,945
Sheena Rauhuff......$1,943
Cherilyn Haehn......$1,901
Beth Hopkins........$1,890
Ashley Smith........$1,856
Lisa Padgett........$1,848

Dream Builders.... (Those having 2 or more!)
Sarah Overman ....5!!!! Yippeee!
Kristy Bird, Lindsie Gribble, Ashley Howard, Elizabeth Van Pelt, Kristin Wilson, Britany Reed, Colleen Brackins, Jessica Lifford, Rachel Humphries, Andrea McCarter, Dawn Cooper, Landis Olaker, Renee Bailey, Melody Kellett, and Amy Simonson.....2

(Do you like the Christmas background????I thought this might get us in the Christmas selling business mindset a little more! HA!)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

August Stats

Hello everyone! I hope that everyone is having a GREAT Fall-selling season! This new catalog is amazing and our August sells proves it! This downline sold $318,411 in products and signed up 113 new recruits!!!!!! I was in shock of all your hard work! Thirty-One is blessing so many lives! September seems to be off to a great start too. I can't wait to see what the holiday sales are like.....I have a little feeling that more records will be broken!

A few reminders
**As of yesterday both skirt purses and as well as the skirts are on stop sell. There is a patent question involving them. Please go to to hear a message from Cindy. She will explain this issue.
**All active consultants should have received (or will be receiving this week) your holiday guides. We can begin selling out of these on October 1st.
** Try to keep your calendar booked this fall. This is the best time to have shows because everyone begins shopping for Christmas. The next two months have AWESOME customer specials which really help us boost our sells! The October special is spend $31 and get a organizing utility tote for $5. The November special is spend $31 and get a FREE zipper pouch!!!

August's Top Sellers (Those selling over $2000) There were 43 this month!!!!Sarah Overman $5,187 Super job, Sarah!!!
Jennifer Bullard 4,783
Scarlett Enos 4,332
Heather Mekelburg 3,929
Sybil Manahan 3,976
Lisa Humphries 3,563
Lisa Padgett 3,541
Lindsie Gribble 3,466
Amanda Shepherd 3,251
Melody Kellett 3,232
Rhonda Walton 3,140
Angie Robinson 3,108
Cheryl Holloway 3,094
Ashley Smith 3,067
Lisa Gibson 2,923
Melinda Sutton 2,922
Robin Sartor 2,695
Holly Sayne 2,641
Kelcy Elmore 2,518
Christina Poe 2,505
Julie Tyler 2,490
Sonya Rollins 2,481
Sara Wood 2,471
Lora McCarter 2,370
Stephine McCollum 2,359
Rachel Frazier 2,327
Marty Page 2,327
Kristin Pontius 2,276
Jessica Clixby 2,272
Brandy Miller 2,240
Selinda Massengill 2,281
Kristy Bird 2,208
Amy Humble 2,228
Becky Catlin 2,162
Kristin Sims 2,140
Dawn Cooper 2,125
Jennifer Brewer 2,099
Christine Collins 2,098
Janice Hopper 2,096
Beth Hopkins 2,079
Shannon Hendrick 2,027
Kathy Hughes 2,023
Regina Bradley 2,010

Top Recruiters
6 - Sarah Overman Fantastic!!!
5 - Heather Mekelburg
3- Jackie Parker and Lecia Brown
2- Kristy Bird, Regina Bradley, Renee Bailey, Robin Sartor,Rachel Frazier,Chasity Lowery,Cherilyn Haehn, Parveen Walker, Colleen Brackins, Teresa Beck, Selinda Massengill, Joyce Stacy, Alyssa Boley, Rhonda Walton, Teresa Anderson, Melinda Sutton
Amy Simonson
1- Kelcey Elmore, Lisa Padgett, Lori Evans, Lisa Jones, Amy Kilby, Mary Milton, Jennifer Cook, Diana Metzger,Landis Olaker, Courtney Rhodes, Jessica Clixby, Melody Kellett, Ginny Brown, Kimberly Anderton, Sally Castillo, Danica Cobb, Amanda Adams, Melissa Monn, Mary Pagan, Patrica Wilhite, Amy Cawood, Kristin Newsom, Nichole Mullins, Lindsay Reed, Marhsa Lawson, Debra Majors, Andrea McCarter, Jessica Burdett, Rachel Humphries, Terri Bendert, Josepine Logan, Paula Kangas, Pamela Stubbs, Jennifer Bullard, Allison Holt, Marti Beaty, Stacey Sugg, April Bice, Tiffany Woytasik,Ronnie Layhew, Kathy Hughes, Ginger Lawson, Sonya Rollins, Brandy Lydon, Carrie Richardson, Krista Turner, Sara Wood, Beth Hopkins, Jennifer McGhee, Jennifer Debow, Christine Collins, Amanda Dickens, Heather Branch, Tender Turner, Scarlett Enos, Erin Bagwell, Lorene Kagley, Molly Price, Mandy Perhay

Remember I LOVE hearing from you! Please let me know if you need anything or ever have any suggestions for our team blog.
Have a great week!